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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Two Days In Time

After what seemed like a lifetime, reports cards finally came home, right before winter break.  Overall, this is a good report.  With the exception of one or two areas, I didn’t see any cause for concern.  Although as a parent you wonder how teachers aren’t able to see the same child you see at home, at school.   When Parent/Teacher conferences open up for business next month, I’ll discuss it with the teacher.  The one discrepancy my wife and I did note was two days where he was marked absent.  Collectively, neither of us could recall Christopher ever being absent from school.  Imagine the thoughts running through our minds reading this on our child’s report card.  Did he really skip school?

When we emailed the teacher, he wrote back saying that, yes, Christopher had indeed missed two days of school.  In fact, according to him, another teacher also “thinks” she too marked him down as being away from school for the very same days.  We continued to press the teacher for more information, specific dates, a signed excuse note by either my wife or me, anything at all to substantiate or backup his claims that our son hadn’t attended school two days.  Finally, after a bit more research on his part, the error (the teacher’s) was discovered.  He admitted to erroneously marking him absent two days—two days school wasn’t even on!  He apologized, saying he didn’t have a clue why and agreed to correct it.  We laughed and breathed a sigh of relief!

I guess it pays to be persistent about something when you know it’s not right.

If ever the opportunity would arise whereby parents are able to critique their child’s teacher—in effect, giving the teacher a report card of sorts, I’d jump at the opportunity.  I remember having to do this in college for all my professors.  Teachers aren’t above reproach and should be graded on how well they do their jobs.  And who better to ask than parents themselves.  While I’m fairly satisfied with our child’s teacher(s), I believe there are many areas where improvement is needed. 

But that’s another blog topic.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Monday Morning Lice Alert

Several weeks have passed since my last posting and, during that time, quite a bit has happened.   

First thing Monday morning, I receive word, via email, someone in our class has lice. I guess it happens to the best of us, right.  The parents took the bold initiative of quickly notifying everyone.  Very quick thinking on their part!  BRAVO.  

I recall having to undergo bi-monthly health inspections for lice during elementary school. In addition to having our hair picked through, every child was screened for Scoliosis.  As a small child, seeing my fellow classmates unceremoniously pulled off into a side room by the school nurse during these screenings, gave me goose bumps.  Poor kids. I was just so thankful I wasn't one of them.

Thankfully I never caught it, lice, and neither has Christopher. Yes, I checked my child’s head for signs of life.  You know, the creepy crawlers.  It’s nothing life threatening.  But they are a huge pain in the ass to get rid of, especially since most of today’s medicated shampoos are useless in killing the little bastards. 

Nowadays, schools are far more proactive in helping kids stay healthy than ever before.  And that's a good thing because so many children aren't seeing a doctor regularly, or going to the dentists twice a year.  Speaking of dentist, my child's teacher casually mentioned to me that, a dentists will come to our school this year and examine all the kiddos teeth.  Dental and medical care are both FREE in Germany, for those under 18, so there really is no excuse for not seeing a doctor or dentist if the need should arise.

Continuing on...

Walking home from school two days ago, Christopher told me when he’s married and all; he’d like to change his name.  Hearing him say this was both hilarious and  a little worrying.  It was hilarious because I never expected him to come up with something so ridiculous.  It was worrying because his mother and I both worked tirelessly for weeks trying to find a suitable name that sounded good, both in German and English.   All of our hard work thrown to the wind in one brief moment. And of course no one else put this idea into his head.  No one that he’s willing to name and shame!  According to him, his current name sounds too babyish.   The name he’s decided on, a more appropriate male name, is: Jack-Septic-Guy. 

This week, Christopher started riding the S-Bahn alone to school.  Granted the journey takes all of seven minutes and is just four stops away.  But he's on the train alone. Minus Papa Bear.  My heart raced wildly that morning, as the doors gently shut on the train, and I stood there, alone on the platform watching, as the train slowly crawled out of the station into the darkness of the early morning hours. This was a big step for him but, an even bigger hurdle for me. Keep in mind; I still pick him up at the day, so he’s not going to/from school entirely alone, just one small portion.

And finally....

Saturday, Christopher will spend the night at a friend's home. While not his first sleepover, (previous sleepovers have been with a girl) this will be his first with another boy-actually several boys.  It's a birthday party/sleepover all rolled into one.  Brave parents!

Until next time....