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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Alcohol And Prom Night

How many of you can remember your High School Prom?  That big “End of the Year” event seniors, and sometimes juniors, look forward to.  Guys dressed up in a tux, girls wear expensive gowns and shoes.  Most couples dine at a fancy restaurant, before heading off to Prom.  Years ago, fancy restaurant meant Red Lobster or Olive Garden.  Not sure what “fancy restaurant” means today.  Some even rent a limo.  Who doesn’t want to show up at Prom in style!?   

At the top of every list of concerns for any Prom is alcohol.  No American High School will allow. Today, some High Schools require kids to take a breathalyzer at the front door.  Those showing even the slightest trace of alcohol are denied entry.  Can you imagine spending several hundred dollars for tickets, dinner and a limo, only to be refused entry at the door because you, or your date, had a beer beforehand? 

During yesterday’s School Conference, for which I’m a member, Prom came up on the agenda.  One of the many topics brought up was the consumption of alcohol on Prom night.  Prom will probably be handled by an outside events coordinator, well off school property.  Alcohol, more than likely, will be served, albeit somewhat controlled/limited to a certain number of drinks per student.

Due to German law and location of the event, the school is powerless to stop it. In case you weren’t aware, it’s perfectly LEGAL for anyone 16 or older to drink in Germany.  Most of these kids will be 17 and 18, so you can guess what they’ll be doing.   The High School Principle offered to organize the event on one condition; no alcohol will be served.  No word on whether or not his offer has been accepted. 

If it’s all about the idea of having alcohol at one’s Prom, why don’t both parties compromise and serve alcohol-free beer instead.  The school can host the event, serve non-alcoholic beverages to everyone, and at the same time, guarantee students a hassle free evening.  As for students, especially Americans, they can go back home and tell all their friends how they had beer on Prom night.  Who’s going to know it was alcohol-free?   Students, naturally, won’t divulge their little secret. 

Everyone comes out a winner.   

Friday, October 24, 2014


Running for a seat on my high school Student Council was a dream of mine.  Sadly, I never succeeded.  But I can recall how one of my fellow classmates, not only won a seat on the council but, ended up being elected Student Council President. 

How did he do it, you ask?  Here’s how.

The week following Student Council elections, anyone who was elected as a class representative could run for president of the council.  All you had to do is give a five minute speech to the entire school on why you wanted the position.  Of the three guys battling for the spot, all seniors, Sage’s presentation stood out.

Early Friday morning, right after school started, everyone was called to the auditorium to hear each candidate’s speech.  One by one, they came up on stage, stood behind a wooden podium and gave their speech.  The final candidate, Sage, went just a bit further.  He gave the audience something different, something completely unexpected.  He not only gave a well versed speech on why he should be president but, put on a show, too.

Without warning, the lights dimmed.  The room fell silent.  Then, the music started playing. 

Not just any old music.  Oh no.  Blaring over the auditorium speakers was a familiar song reserved for the President of the United States of America when he/she attends an official function.  That song is Hail to the Chief.  

The crowd went wild!

But that was only the beginning. 

Walking down the main aisle dressed in a dark suit and tie, Sage was flanked by five tall, smartly dressed guys (football players, I think), each wearing an ear piece.  They were dressed in long, beige colored trench coats.  Just in front of them, a group of photographers and reports, all vying to get close to the President.  With cameras flashing and reports screaming and Hail to the Chief playing in the background, “candidate Sage” headed to the stage. 

Even his speech sounded very presidential.   “My fellow students” he began.  “I stand here before all of you today asking for your vote for Student Council President.....” 

Needless to say, Sage hit a homerun, winning by a landslide.  I don’t think any of us sitting in that room could remember a single word from his speech.  However, each of us did remember everything that happened prior to his speech, and that’s what counts!

And Sage left the room just as dramatically as he entered, surrounded by five guys in trench coats, followed closely by a gaggle of photographers and reports with “Hail to the Chief”, playing to the audience.

Although I may not have won a spot back then, I’m hoping one day, Christopher will get the chance.  And when he does and then decides to run for President of the Student Council, we’re going to use this method to secure the spot.