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Monday, March 18, 2013

Five Finger Discount

Parents who send their children to a private school, know there are many additional costs involved with that decision.  Uniforms are a big bill for many.  That’s followed by having to buy lunch boxes, water bottles, and school supplies.  These items add up, over time.  And when stuff goes missing or is lost, you buy more. 

With the exception of dark blue shorts and trousers, we’re pretty much forced to buy from the school store, particularly those items with the school logo on them. No one else in Kuwait sells it.

I’m a real stickler when it comes to making school uniforms last for as long as possible. Just today, I dropped off two winter long sleeve shirts at the tailors, to have made into short sleeve shirts.   Regardless of my efforts though, school clothing inevitably ends up being lost and it drives me crazy.

This year alone, Christopher has lost his pullover (jumper) twice, already.  And it’s never his fault, mind you. Each time he says someone else took it, but I know better.  Jackets are another article of clothing that goes AWOL quite often with our child.  It’s usually repatriated by the following day, thankfully. 

Certainly I’m not the only parent whose child misplaces things.  No child is perfect.

 At pickup today, I walked past our lost and found bin area, located along the wall, just outside the nurse’s office and couldn’t believe my eyes.

Just look at all this stuff!   

Back packs, towels, shoes, swimming cloths and an uneaten lunch

There must be 2 dozen jackets in here.

One could easily open a second hand store with the selection here, and make a sizable profit doing it.   In one plastic bin alone, I counted over 40 plastic water bottles of various shapes, sizes and colors.  Those things aren’t cheap either—KD2-4 per bottle, depending on where you buy them.  

Water bottles upon water bottles!

You do the math: 40 x 2KD per bottle=80KD (1KD = $3.52 which equals $281!!)

Missing jackets, a scarf or two, several school sweaters, lunch boxes, school hats and several pairs of shoes.  The list is endless.  Flip-flops (the Brits call them thongs) in sufficient quantities as well.  I even found a couple of glass canning jars too.  Who brings glass jars to school nowadays?  

I found a pair of swimming goggles too.  They looked to be about Christopher’s size. That's all I'm saying about those goggles.

 Swimming suits, too, both boys and girls. 

Are parents picking money off trees growing in their back yards?  Company salaries are good in Kuwait.  Really good.  But I would’ve never guessed they’re that good. 

Anybody need a water bottle, by the way?


Sarah said...

It drives me crazy too when my kids lose their clothes. They are older now and do it less, thank goodness, but now I find clothes that belong to other kids scattered in my house. Stuff like socks, tee-shirts, and stuff that my son borrows when he sleeps over somewhere and then comes back with someone else's kit. Amazing!

Paula said...

Just this past Saturday we had to go and buy Alex a new PE kit as his PE bag contaning shorts, rugby shirt and trainers has gone missing and so far it hasn't turned up in the lost and found. We spent around £30 and that's only for the shorts and shirt (and parking!!) which have to be bought from the only shop that sells his school's uniform. Next weekend we'll have to go and look at trainers!

He was quick to point out that it's been years since he last lost anything.

Pogue Mahone said...

What we do is if our kids lose their things (or ruin their things) we make them replace them using their OWN allowance money. Believe me, it makes them a lot more careful!

Julie G. Hughes said...

I don't remember my kids being terribly forgetful about bringing home what they took with them. (Selective amnesia, perhaps?)

But my youngest step-son? It's a wonder he didn't come home naked some days. Luckily, his teacher knew her kids and would collect their leavings for the next school day. Bless her heart.